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Today , following the rapidly developing technology and constantly renewing itself increases the functionality and quality of manu...
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Components and parts production in the automotive industry , the locomotive of the economy is one of our business areas . Abstract...
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Textile and apparel, forming an important building block of the industrialization process and provide significant contributions to...
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Changes to facilitate the customer's work in making all kinds of machinery and spare parts, or we produce the same product.
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Will accelerate your business, we provide the mass production of parts production to reduce the cost of services.
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About Us

   Our company was established in 1982 and began work as the first step in the production of automotive spare parts. In automotive manufacturing, energy, machinery and accelerate its work in the field by good quality series and special production equipment to meet the needs of the area. At the same time as we prepare manufacture special designs in line with the ideas and wishes of our customers to address deficiencies and shortcomings in post-production.     Our company, following today's rapidly evolving technology, the appropriate machinery and equipment manufacturing technology to increase the functionality and quality of the parts produced constantly renewing. The mission of our company engaged in the production of domestic and foreign; providing world-class manufacturin...
Automotive Parts
  2015-06-24 11:31:58
Components and parts production in the automotive industry...
Painter Printing and Feet
  2015-11-20 14:28:56
Raising the quality of your production and business volume...
Special Production Machines
  2015-11-20 14:29:18
Besides the system of promotion and welding machines capab...